From Landlords

I had tried a couple of local management agencies and my experience with them had been very unsatisfactory to say the least. Their communication with the tenants was poor, and neither the tenants nor myself were happy with their service.

I met Anne at a property-networking meeting and was impressed at how knowledgeable she was, Anne was also recommended to me, so I decided to go with her. I have found Anne to be highly professional, and because Anne invests in properties herself and manages them she has a really good idea to see issues from the tenants and the landlords perspective as well, which is really important.

Anne keeps in good communication with the tenants and I get a monthly room-by-room report on the property and the tenants. This also includes meter readings, pictures and any suggestions etc, which really helps me to keep the property in good order. The tenants get the same report so the whole process is very transparent, which keeps the tenants in check and I know straight away if anything needs fixing or replacing in the property.

I am extremely happy with Anne’s organised and professional service and her very approachable, and willing to help attitude.

Bracknell Landlord

We met Anne through a national organisation for Property Investors when she was beginning her training. We were immediately impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and understanding.

Anne now manages our properties in Bracknell and Plymouth. We have experience in managing properties ourselves, so know what is needed to be done to be effective and efficient. Anne is exactly that. Her openness, honesty and extremely good way of dealing with everyone concerned, (from prospective tenants, current tenants and tradespeople) ensures that any potential issue is immediately resolved. She understands how to get the right tenant for the house and how to make sure everyone is happy.

Her systems are simple, yet effective and all information is shared with us through Dropbox, giving total transparency in everything she does. We are therefore totally up to date with everything connected with the houses. She is quick to respond to any request or information we or others ask and to highlight any potential issues. Since Anne took over the running of our properties we have a totalling ‘hands off’ approach, as we do not have to worry about them.

We have had extremely good feedback about Anne from our tenants.

Sally Cope

Host of Plymouth Property Investor Network

Property Investor and Landlord.

Anne has been a pleasure to work with. She's reliable, dedicated and goes the extra mile as an independent agent, taking great care to ensure nothing is overlooked. She is very quick to respond and completely transparent in her approach. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anne as a property letting agent, particularly having worked with high street agents previously. She clearly takes great pride in offering a very professional and personal service, which is second to none. 

Woking Landlord

From Tenants

Good morning Anne, a quick note to say thanks for what has probably been the most efficient and painless tenancy set up procedure we have had. Two kids with two Uni courses means exposure to a ‘variety’ of professional approaches by landlords and agents. Your pace, timely comms and clear process has been much appreciated.

Email from the guarantor of a tenant

Can I just take this opportunity to let you know that Alex has been brilliant throughout the whole process. Very professional and informative.

Email comment from prospective tenant with regard to our Tenant Relationship Co-ordinator in Plymouth

Everything was amazing. The guys were always lovely and Anne was just GREAT.

Comment on check out form from a tenant in Bracknell

Lovely house and Anne couldn't make you feel more at home she's been brilliant.

Comment on check out form from a tenant in Bracknell

Anne, thanks for this confirmation and your support during the tenancy. The

whole process was well managed and communication has been great throughout.

Much appreciated.

Email from guarantor of a tenant at the end of the tenancy